Making Money from Flash Games


I didn’t know this, but it seems that making cheesy flash games is a big business. With my career based in Flash, I’ve always toyed around with making simple flash games just for fun. I never imagined it could be for profit. I met a guy recently through IM on a board and he’s been giving me all kinds of tips to get started. I’ve also done some of my own research and I’ve tried to organize some links to share so others seeking the same things has me might have an easier time finding it.

Say you’ve finished your Flash game, you like it a lot and you want others to play it. Consider monetizing your work besides giving others joy of playing? Here are some good places on web where you can begin making money off of your creation.

Kongregate is maybe best place for you. If your game is chosen you can win some weekly cash or monthly top $1500 prize. Also, Kongregate shares ad revenues with developers.

Mochiads “is a no-hassle way for Flash game developers make money from every play. Their flexible system is easy to setup and gives you control over where and when advertisements show.” You place ad inside your game and every time someone plays it you earn. No cost and no obligations. Payments are via PayPal after your earnings reach $100.

CrazyMonkeyGames will sponsor your Flash game, just ask for it on contact page.

Gamegecko is another website where you can ask for sponsorship request for your games.

NewGrounds is THE biggest flash portal on Internet with 500k visitors a day. Here you can find opportunity to be noticed by many and where is traffic, there is cash also.

Hope this quick list will help you in your money making online quest with your Flash games development skills. If you know any other good website do leave a comment. Thanks.

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