About Me

My name is Adam Coburn.  I am a self taught multi-language programmer  and entrepreneur using my acquired skill sets to carve out my place in life.

I am CTO and Co-Founder of Think New Creative Solutions, Inc.   We created a web based marketing system called RhinoSEO Website Analytics to provide website owners with the tools to effectively market their businesses online.

In a short amount of time we have built RhinoSEO to be a real competitor in the industry.  We are David against Goliath, going against industry heavyweights such as Hubspot.

But this Blog is not about any of that.   I have other interests, or hobbies.  Mostly involving programming.  I am obsessed with Android and the whole mobile movement.  I am also a long time Actionscript programmer so with Adobe cozying up with Google and Android, I am pleased to have a whole wide world to tackle with my musings.


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